Stele 11th Cuirassiers Regiment

Text of stele:
Here in this village of Saint-Martin-en-Vercors, on 14.07.1944, the 11th Cuirassiers Regiment is officially reformed with its motto "Toujours au chemin de l'honneur".

Site national historique la Résistance 

From July 9 to 21, 1944. Saint-Martin-en-Vercors is the small capital of your "liberated zone" in the Vercors. The commune is home to the headquarters of colonel Huet "Hervieux".military leader of the maquis. based at the Villa Bellon, and the PC of Eugène Chavant "Clement"  civilian leader at the Hotel Breyton. church square A surgical hospital run by doctors Fischer and Ganimede. ,is housed in a former convalescent home for children, on the northern outskirts of the village and a second hospital in Tourtre. 

It was in Saint-Martin-en-Vercors. on July 3  that the Republic was officially proclaimed during a taking-up of arms in honor of Yves Farge Commissaire de la République pour la région RI (administrative subdivision of the Resistance corresponding to today's Rhône-Alpes region). The text of the proclamation, drafted by Chavant, states that the Vercors territory recognizes only one legitimacy, that of theProvisional Government of the French Republic (GPRF) installed in Algiers and presided over by De Gaulle.
Population of the Vercors, On July 3, 1944,the French Republic was officially restored in the Vercors. From that day on, the decrees of Vichy, were abolished and all republican laws put back into force. The Comité de libération nationale du Vercors, invested in its functions by Monsieur le Commissoire de la République, holds very extensive powers...Our region is in a state of siege. The Committee therefore asks the population to do the impossible, as it will do itself, to place at the disposal of the military command, which has the overwhelming responsibility of protecting us against an enemy as barbaric as ever, all the means at its disposal...
Inhabitants of the Vercors, it is here that the great Republic has been reborn, and you can be proud of it. We are certain that you will defend it. We would like July 14th to be one more occasion for the Vercors to demonstrate its republican faith and its attachment to its great homeland. Vive la République française, Vive la France, Vive le général de Gaulle.

La République restaurée Saint-Martin-en-Vercors 

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