Léon Borel

On March 18, 1944 in Saint Julien en Vercors, German occupation troops conduct an offensive. Some twenty trucks loaded with around 150 soldiers, a coach and a self-propelled gun from Grenoble surround the village and head for the ferme de la Matrassière. After combat 3 officersand 3 cavalrymen of the Secret Army are killed and the farm set on fire.
Then the Wehrmacht searches the village. At the hamlet of Domarières in Ferme Borel, they find a pistol. Léon Borel is executed in front of his family. The STO draft dodger, who had been hiding in the barn, dies in the farmhouse fire. This March 18 is a pivotal date in the combats of the Vercors.

Contribution and photo credit Bernard PERRIN

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