Grands Chenaux fights

Aouste lost 51 of its children in the Second World War, and was also the scene of fighting against Nazi troops.

On July 21, 1944, some forty FFI 2nd Company (Captain Charles Chapoutat, Lieutenant Dubruel) fought for over three hours against 1,500 Germans (eight tanks, twelve self-propelled gunships and several dozen trucks), supported by the air force, in the "Grands Chenaux battles".

The fighting was followed by reprisals: 3 farms were destroyed, and civilians were terrorized.

The Vercors was attacked that day, from north to south and east to west, by land, by air and after bombing villages.

At the end of August, American troops set up a field hospital during the "Battle of Montélimar" at Aouste sur Sye.

Contribution, text and photo credit B. Perrin

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