Memorial of Remembrance

Inaugurated in 1999, the memorial of remembrance was erected on the very site of the terrible fighting in July 1944.

On JULY 21, 1944 , the Germans mounting their assault on the Vercors, after being attacked by the compagnie Chapoutat and suffering heavy losses at the Pont des Grands Chenaux, between Aouste and Blacons, were clashing in the early afternoon with the compagnie Pons, in positions on the right and left banks of the Drôme river and along the D93, between Saillans and Espenel 

You who pass by...
Look at the village of Espenel which was ravaged and burned by the German army
Look with  respect 

... and if unbeliever or fine spirit you can still live freely, laugh, speak, dispute,  ironize proud of your Freedom, never forget, that only the sacrifice of a few, made you Man. 

Contribution and photo credit: Sylvaine Laborde-Castex

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