Maison familiale Génot

Here lived Auguste Génot, Mme Génot-Coché and their children Eugène, Marie-Louiseand Annie deported to Germany and died for France.
Eugène Génot, Résistant, leader of the Vengeance group in Quimperlé was arrested here on January 2, 1944 by the gestapo, following a denunciation then taken to Bel Air prison. A little later, his parents and sisters were also arrested.
The whole family was deported:
Auguste was deported to the camp of Neuengamme and then to that of Sandbostel, where he died on April 21, 1945.
Eugène was deported to the camp of Neuengamme from which he never returned.
Mme Génot and her daughter Marie-Louise were deported to the Ravensbrück camp.
Annie was deported to the Bergen-Belsen camp and died after the liberation from the after-effects of her imprisonment.

Photo credit and contribution Philippe Boudot.

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