Kommandanten von Gross-Paris

In 1940, the headquarters of the Kommandantur de Paris, officially entitled Platzkommandantur des Kommandanten von Gross-Paris (Kommandantur du Commandant du Grand Paris), was set up on the corner of rue du 4-Septembre and avenue de l'Opéra. The command of the Gross-Paris in question is based at the Hôtel Meurice, where the city's various military governors are based. On the subject of this installation, writer Cécile Desprairies notes that the Germans' occupation of Paris, while quicker than expected, showed "no improvisation; they had been preparing for this day for three years, based on cadastral plans, and had drawn up a scrupulous census of the buildings to be requisitioned according to two criteria: Haussmannian - because they were comfortable - and possessing a double entrance, in case of attack".
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