Edouard Lemée

Stele in tribute to Resistance fighterFFI Edouard Lemée member of the maquis Fleury shot dead by the Germans at this location on August 6, 1944.

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Édouard Lemée was born in Saint-Ouen-des-Vallons (Mayenne) on August 31, 1922. A single seed worker, he lived with his parents at 2 rue de Sablé in Montsûrs (Mayenne). An STO refractory, Édouard joined the Resistance with the Fleury group (FFI) of Villaines- la-Juhel.

On Sunday afternoon August 6, 1944, in the company of Jean Quinquis, Georges Pommier and Victor Harreau went to "la Nivelaie" to set up an ambush. A German truck arrives, a soldier sitting on the fender of the vehicle scans the sky. Edouard and Jean Quinquis fire and shoot him dead. The truck continues on its way, and Pommier releases a burst from his machine-gun. A sidecar arrives and comes under fire from the Maquis. Shortly afterwards, a motorcycle arrives and, despite being shot at, the driver flees.
An auto-machine-gun stops, the group stalls. Crossing a field, the Germans machine-gun the Resistance fighters. Jean Quinquis is wounded and crawls away. Exhausted, he stops behind a hedge. He has lost his weapons and his watch. Georges Pommier finds him and takes him to the Bruneau family. Edouard Lemée is missing.

At daybreak the next morning, Davoine, a member of the group, goes to the scene. He sees the revolver and a little further on, face down on Edouard's lifeless body. Warned by Victor Harreau, docteur Barazer treats Jean's wounds and notes the death of Édouard Lemée, a bullet having passed through his temple.

"Dead for France", this stele with the Lorraine cross honors his memory. A Montsûrs street bears his name and that of his brother Edmond Lemée.

Right, Édouard Lemée, member of the Fleury group with his brother, Edmond. Resistance fighter in Rodez

Edmond Lemée, born August 5, 1918, is a notary clerk in Montsûrs. Mobilized on September 16, 1939, he was taken prisoner on June 15, 1940 and escaped on January 7, 1941. He joins the Résistance(Armée Secrète) in Rodez with a comrade, René Baupin. They were arrested by the Gestapo on January 16, 1944.

Deported in the "Tatoués" convoy, Edmond was shot in Floha (Czechoslovakia) on April 15, 1945 during the death march with 23 Frenchmen and 34 Russians.

Contribution and photo credit Le Bourvellec Eric

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