Keromnes firing range - Musée Mémoires 39-45

Just a stone's throw from Pointe Saint Matthieu, come and step back in time in this exceptional German command blockhouse. Over 5 floors, discover a museography centered on testimonies and anecdotes, amply illustrated by thousands of objects, documents and photographs. As you descend into the fortress, you'll plunge into the daily life of the soldiers of the Atlantic Wall. Then, in the themed rooms, relive the history of the war in Brittany, as told by those who lived it. Finally, enjoy the unique panoramic view offered by the kiosks and the blockhouse, over the entrance to the Brest roadstead, from the Crozon peninsula to the island of Ouessant. Museum open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Back in the day : Command center for the Keringar (4 x 280 mm) and Rospects (4 x 155 mm) batteries. It was here that Lieutenant-Colonel Rudder of the 2nd U.S. Rangers received the German surrender from Colonel Furst on September 9, 1944.

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