Bunker Omaha Beach WN62

Located in the commune of Colleville-sur-Mer, near Les Moulins. Approximately 330 metres long and 324 metres wide, it is set at a height of between 50 and 15 metres above sea level. It overlooks the beach of Omaha Beach and the valley of the ruisseau des Moulins two H669 bunkers four tobrouks for MG42 machine guns and mortars an artillery observation post for the Houtteville battery located further inland two signal posts several shelters several machine gun positions including MG42 and Polish models.
Around 40 men had been assigned to defend the site, including 27 from the 716th Infantry Division and 13 from the 352nd Infantry Division, whose main function was to guide artillery fire. Among the 40 men assigned were:Bernard Frerking (lieutenant) Heinrich Severloh (lieutenant Frerking's orderly and machine gunner on an MG42) Franz Gockel (machine gunner on a Polish Maxim 08/15 machine gun) Source Wikipedia

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