Crash B-26 Marauder Winnie Dee II

While on a bombing mission in the Flers sector the B-26 Marauder bomber" Winnie Dee II"is shot down by FLAK fire. Crew:

★ 1st Lt Francis Lee Hunt. Pilot, died body repatriated to USA.
★ 1st Lt Lyle L Peters. Co-pilot, died body repatriated to USA.
★ 1st Lt Morris. Rafalow. Navigator. Deceased
★ T/Sgt Raymond J Morin. Radio, deceased, lies in Colleville-sur-Mer American Cemetery Plot F, Row 19, Grave 16.
★ S/Sgt William F Stark. Mechanic, deceased, rests at Colleville-sur-Mer American Cemetery Plot C, row 8, grave 37.
★ S/Sgt Norman E Thielan, Machine Gunner, prisoner.

Panel text:

On this late day of August 12, 1944, the American bomber B26 n° 4131741, 322nd bomber group of the 9th Air Force, takes off from Andrews Field station in England.

Accompanied by 36 Marauders, their mission is to bomb in Normandy, the Flers sector , the Forêt d'Andaine.
At around 8:40 pm, the B26 is hit by German DCA, 3 crew members jump from the burning aircraft, 2 are found lifeless at the end of their parachutes, Sgt Stark in the Cingal commune of Ste Honorine la chardonne sector, Sgt Morin in the village "Le Clos", commune of St Pierre du Regard.
The bodies of pilot Hunt, co-pilot Peters and navigator Rafalow are found near the crash site, a few meters from this memorial; 5 young Americans have just died, one of the parachutists, Sgt Thielan, was taken prisoner in the Athis sector and was the only survivor.

Thank you to all those soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. Let's not forget them...

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