Pleuven Memorial Wall

Pleuven town hall features a fresco of events that took place in the commune.

René TRESSARD was born in Quimper on October 19, 1919. A studious pupil at the local school (Jules FERRY), he was a brilliant young man.

As early as 1938, he foresaw the serious threat to our country: the rise of Nazism on our borders. Mobilized in June 1940,

he lived through the shameful armistice and the German occupation under the Vichy regime. After demobilization, he was assigned to the Plobannalec-Lesconil school, and for the 1941-1942 school year, to the Pleuven public school. He joined the Resistance as a member of the FTPF as soon as it was created in 1942, and became the group leader in his Fouesnant area. The network was under close police surveillance, and all hell broke loose on October 3, 1942. Denunciation (?), lack of caution (?).

Testimony: "A pupil was showing her notebook to the teacher, when Madame PENNEC, looking pale, opened the door to her colleague René's classroom. She was flanked by two men who firmly pushed her aside. They moved towards the teacher, who was standing on the platform facing his classroom. After exchanging a few words, René TRESSARD made the gesture of removing his grey blouse to put on his jacket. A single gesture instructed him to follow them, and our beloved teacher exited, flanked by his bodyguard.

In the schoolyard, men wearing uniforms and carrying weapons immediately surrounded the group.

His pupils were never to see their teacher again. After Mr. TRESSARD had left, Madame PENNEC returned to the classroom, distraught, and asked them to gather their belongings, as the class was over. In the memory of the children, who didn't understand what was happening,

the teacher was going to be questioned and come back later.

But their teacher's smock hung on the back of the chair in the classroom for a very long time:

no one wanted to take it off and hang it somewhere else."

Contributed by and photo credit Philippe Boudot

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